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1-2-1 online coaching

Monthly personalised workout programmes and nutritional guidance with weekly accountability. 

What is it?
the benefits
who's it for?

what is it?

The ultimate package as it's completely tailored to you! Not only do you get workouts but you also get nutrition targets (if you need them) and weekly accountability. Yep, you get me keeping you on track! 

The workouts are tailored to you, your ability, your goals and your likes and dislikes... and it's all accessible within a user-friendly app. 


the benefits

  • Flexible to you and your schedule - choose a workout length to suit you.

  • You can choose your workout mix (strength / cardio / flexibility) or I can create a plan based on your goals.

  • Complete the workouts in your own time for ultimate flexibility.

  • Ongoing accountability to keep you on track.

  • The workouts can be gym or home-based


Who's it for?

  • You have a goal in mind - whether that's fat loss, improve health, increase fitness, run first 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, the list is endless...

  • You may have bespoke requirements that require a personalised approach e.g. pre o



what clients say...


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The KO Crew

Join our FREE Facebook group for tips, challenges and workouts. There's over 200 members in the group. It's a friendly and approachable platform to feel inspired! 

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