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kate oakley

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Not a stereotypical pt

Hey, I'm Kate. I like helping people feel healthier and happier using fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

I believe in finding balance. I love exercise and eating well BUT I also understand that other aspects of life can take priority - whether that's work, children, health conditions, and so on...


for better health

Fitness and nutrition play a crucial role in enhancing physical, mental, and social wellbeing.

Our approach is designed to positively influence all aspects of your wellbeing, helping you feel better both physically and mentally.

Join our community of individuals committed to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle while enjoying the journey!

my core principles


I'm passionate about helping people. I want to help people smile and create a lifestyle that they love.


I bring energy and enthusiasm and I'd love you to do the same. I want you to feel confident to embrace change. 


Being approachable and building relationships is so important to me. Fitness and food should bring people together. 


A community where everyone is welcome and supported. Let's celebrate progress together - however big or small.


  • Why Kate Oakley?
    It's important for you to find the right coach and services. I could be the coach for you if... You are put off by personal training in a large corporate gyms You would like a coach who is 'normal' and not a bodybuilder You would like a coach who you can chat to and have a laugh with You want to work with someone who understands that life comes first sometimes You want a simple approach (no fads!) that helps you achieve long-lasting change You're fed up wih fad diets and unhealthy restriction You don't know where to start You have bespoke health concerns and you want a coach you can trust
  • Qualified and Insured
    You can trust that I'm fully qualified and insured to help you. If you would like further details about any of my qualifications, please get in touch. Level 3 Personal Trainer MNU Certified Nutritionist FODMAP Diet for IBS - Dietitian Course - In progress Motivation and Lifestyle Coach - certified in motivational coaching and behaviour change incl. stress and relaxation, advanced communication and coaching skills, fundamentals of motivational interviewing, lifestyle management and mindset coaching. Advanced PT Skills - Incl. PT boxing and pad work, group training, circuits, outdoor and mobile PT incl. suspension training, FitBall, functional training, rehabilitation and sports. Exercise Specialist - see next FAQ for more information about my specialisms and experience.
  • Experienced working with a range of clients
    I've worked with clients of all ages and abilities. I'm certified in postural retraining and corrective exercise including core stability and back care. I have experience working with specific requirements that require a personalised approach: Pre-natal and post-natal Diabetes Low/High Blood pressure Arthritis Recovery after illness or injury Get in touch if you would like a conversation about your needs. I can provide relevant testimonials on request. Medical approval and guidance is required in some circumstances.

The KO Crew

Join our FREE Facebook group for tips, challenges and workouts. There's over 200 members in the group. It's a friendly and approachable platform to feel inspired! 

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some lovely testimonials...

"I had a goal at the start of the year to tone up and generally feel better about myself. I feel so much stronger and healthier than I did this time last year so thank you Kate"



Lucy Evans

kirsty martin.jpg

"Kate is very approachable, listens to what you want to achieve, knowledgeable on both fitness and nutrition. The encouragement was fantastic all the way through. I couldn’t have done it alone"

Kirsty Martin


"I feel like my strength has improved in the workouts. I feel much better for having a structured pre-natal programme that I know is both challenging, safe and tailored to my own abilities"

Emily Evans

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