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The online training programme is delivered through a user-friendly app. It’s straightforward to use, but requires a phone and some tech ability.

The ultimate coaching package. Perfect for people who feel they need help throughout the week and not just during a 1-2-1 session.


What’s included?

  • Fully Tailored to you
    I send you a questionnaire so that I can completely tailor your programme to you, your fitness level, any health considerations and your overall goals.
  • Educational
    When you sign up, you receive a PDF guide covering the principles of fitness, nutrition, motivation and much more. I hope you'll learn something you didn't know before.
  • Nutrition
    Track your nutrition on MyFitnessPal, Fitbit or by sharing photos of your meals within the app. This is optional depending on your goals. You will receive calorie and protein goals if you're working towards a body composition goal. Alternatively, you can focus on eating nutritiously towards your goals and I can help you understand how your diet influences your energy levels, body composition or sporting performance.
  • Fitness
    Your weekly workouts will be scheduled in your calendar. Each workout has video demonstrations and instructions to make it as simple as possible. Your programme is personal to you and can focus on one form of exercise or a combination of strength, cardio and flexibility work. The number and length of workouts is based on your questionnaire. Workouts can be based on no equipment at home (but I would normally recommend purchasing a weight and/or resistance band) through to gym workouts. Strength workouts are set in 4-week progressive blocks for best effectiveness. You can share videos of your exercises if you feel you need support and feedback.
  • Accountability
    The app syncs with Apple Watch, Fitbit and/or MyFitnessPal so I can see your step count and food diary. This adds an extra level of accountability. I check in with you once a week and there's also a messaging option in the app so you can message me with questions at any point. 


Online Only - £80 for 4 weeks

You can choose to continue on a 4-weekly basis (which can be cancelled any time) or celebrate your progress and continue on your own with your new habits and lifestyle.

Online Training - Personalised

  • Whatever your goals (body composition (e.g. "fat loss") or performance (e.g. "run my first 5K/10K/Half Marathon") I can help you.

    • You're ready to feel happier, healthier and more confident.
    • You just want to be told what to do and know that it's safe and good for you.
    • You're fed up of fad diets and want long-term change
    • You want a solution that fits with your lifestyle and lets you have balance.
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